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  • Enter your available tiles into the first box. Blank tiles are a full stop "."
  • If you want a word to contain a particular letter, enter it in the second box. Note that this counts as an extra tile.
  • Enter a regular expression to further refine your search
    (it is automatically anchored at the front and back).
  • If you don't know what a regular expression is, it is a pattern on the board that you want to match a word to. These basics will be useful to you:
    • Enter a full stop "." for a blank space
    • Enter dot star ".*" for zero or more blank spaces
    • Fill in the letters in between the dots
    As an example, "f.a.*" will match any word starting with "f", followed by a blank space and "a", then any amount of letters afterwards.
  • Press enter to search. The results will be returned in order of highest score.
  • Note that any field is optional. For example, to see all two letter words, just enter ".." as the Regex