Luke's stuff

Alive and Kicking

Stuff that is running somewhere, for your viewing pleasure.

Net Games

A variety of social games like Spyfall and Avalon, implemented for your phone.

BPM Detector

Attempts to determine the beats-per-minute and time signature of a given mp3.

2048 AI

An AI written for 2048. It almost always gets 2048, often gets 4096, and sometimes gets 8192.

Rubix Cube

A 3D render of a rubix cube performed through WebGL. Shaders written by yours truly. Works best in Chrome.

Fractal Explorer

A Mandelbrot fractal explorer, accelerated by the GPU via WebGL. Works best in Chrome.

Heel to Toe Walk Gait Simulator

The simulator which I used to develop my thesis project, "A Heel To Toe Gait For Efficient Bipedal Walking".

Scrabble Word Search

A scrabble word searcher, which given your tiles can present you with words you can make.

Hanging With Friends Advisor

Statistically calculates what your best guess is when playing Hanging With Friends.

Paste to file

A small utility to convert something on your clipboard into a file. Especially useful for images.

Just Code

Either less or more exciting, depending on who you are.

Graze node.js, coffeescript

A small scraping library for node.js which turns websites into well structured JSON using templates.

XSS Botnet node.js, javascript, coffeescript

A proof-of-concept project which can leverage an XSS vulnerability into a botnet.

Forecast.IO Frontend node.js, javascript

A toy project to demonstrate my ability to design a clean and testable backend.

Look at that POJO node.js, coffeescript

Mostly made out of curiosity, this library lets you listen for changes in Plain Old Javascript Objects.