LukeGT's stuff

BPM Detector

Attempts to deterine the beats-per-minute and time signature of a given mp3.

2048 AI

An AI written for 2048. It almost always gets 2048, often gets 4096, and sometimes gets 8192.

Rubix Cube

A 3D render of a rubix cube performed through WebGL. Shaders written by yours truly. Works best in Chrome.

Fractal Explorer

A Mandelbrot fractal explorer, accelerated by the GPU via WebGL. Works best in Chrome.

Heel to Toe Walk Gait Simulator

The simulator which I used to develop my thesis project, "A Heel To Toe Gait For Efficient Bipedal Walking".

Scrabble Word Search

A scrabble word searcher, which given your tiles can present you with words you can make.
Particularly useful for Words With Friends ;)

Hanging With Friends Advisor

Statistically calculates what your best guess is when playing Hanging With Friends (Hangman where the vowels are revealed initially)

Paste to file

A small utility to convert something on your clipboard into a file. Especially useful for images. It's a bit unstable at the moment since it's using experimental browser features